Pet Photography - Fine Tails Photography

Pet Portraits

It can’t be put into words how we feel about our pets but what makes them special can be captured forever in a photograph.

A professional portrait of our beloved companions, highlighting their unique character and making us smile again, again and again.

We specialise in photographing animals in their favourite surroundings; the places they feel secure, relaxed and at their happiest; be it in their own home, garden or having great fun on their regular walk through the woods or local park.

We understand how deeply you feel about your pet, we feel the same way about the animals that share our lives on a daily basis. Which is why we believe professional pet photography is a wonderful way of recording that relationship, engraving memories.

It’s not just about the big picture, it’s the little details that endear. A look in their eyes, a wag of their tail, a tilt of the head. The essence of our closest companions caught in a click.

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