About Me - Fine Tails Photography

About Me

Photographs have always fascinated me! As a child I was mesmerised by my great aunt’s huge collection of family albums – to turn the pages was like stepping back in time to another place, another world where a moment was captured, printed and placed in a book. A collection of memories which told stories about my ancestors – all of these fired my imagination.

Becoming a photographer felt like a necessary step to take if I was to create my own version of this magical book of memories. Yet a family archive is not complete without telling the full tale of who makes up that family unit. And this is where my other passion follows – the animals who share our lives and bring us so much pleasure, joy and love.

Fine Tails is a fusion of the two things I am deeply passionate about. Photography and Pets! And how this combination can enrich our lives by preserving and ultimately cherishing the memories they create.

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